Nicky Fabbz

Nicky FabbZ is the youngest tropical rock artist, he has written and composed two of the five songs in the album, with the others being covers. I was found strumming my guitar by the pool at Flip FlopZ bar and grill down the Jersey Shore, when suddenly along comes aa man in a bandana, needing a shave. He sits next to me and in cool laid back style asks me to play for him, low and behold he starts giving me a back beat and loves my sound. I come to find out he himself is a top trop rock artist none other than Swim Skinny himself. He puts me onstage later that event in front of other trop rock artsits like Gary Phillips, Tom Johson, Dani Hoy and they begin listening and then joining in…. WHOA!!!!! This was ROCKIN’ The crowd goes wild and Swimmy introduces me to the greatest producer there is Kevin Johnston of Orca-Sound. Kevin also take s me under his wing and the two of them along with Dad and Mom have been guiding me ever since.. I never figured goin got these events with My Uncles Nikko B, and Dave S, and Aunts Mandy and Jane respectively that it would ever lead up to this…. Enjoy my music there is more to come…… Oh.. P.S. when you want to be with that someone special and don’t know how to ask her…. well I recommend ” You and I “… It never worked like I dreamed.. but soooooooo much better

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